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High School Wrestler Builds an Amazing 16 lbs of Muscle in 16 Weeks

Mike, wrestler
Mike, wrestler

As you can see from Mike’s amazing transformation, not ONLY did he gain a HUGE amount of muscle, he dramatically improved his posture! He was wrecking guys during the season and had a break out year. We had many setups during his training like rehabbing a shoulder and forearm injury and we used the strategies in the ACS manual and integrated them into the AMD system to quickly help Mike get back to wrestling.


Insane 9lbs of Muscle in Only 8 Weeks!

Bill, ripped, muscle

"I lead an active lifestyle, I'm in the Army, I have a wife and an 18 month daughter. I was looking for a program to cut my time down in the gym. The AMD program...has totally changed the way I work out. 30 minutes in the gym and you're out!"
Bill Long

Advanced Muscle Building Strength System

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