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By Jim Smith, CSCS

Quick Fat Loss - No More Boring Cardio

fat loss diet treadmill workout

News Flash!!! You need to do some form of cardio in order to maximize your results with any fat loss program. The problem is many people perform long drawn out sessions of low intensity cardio work on treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. While this is great for getting your ticker in great shape, it does little in terms of fat loss. You really end up just burning a lot of calories with little effect on your metabolism. Do not worry however, there is a better way to get shredded that will keep boredom to a minimum and take fat burning to a maximum.

1. High Intensity Interval Training: To put this simply, HIIT training is essentially sprinting for a set amount of time and then resting for a set amount of time. Usually you would do 30 s of sprinting and then 30s of walking or resting. You can mix and match however you please depending on what it is that you want to do. 30s on/ 30s off is usually what is considered moderate intensity, 45s on/15 s off is high intensity, and 15s on / 45s off is low intensity. Be sure to periodize the intensities as the week progress so that you are not burning yourself out. As the intervals get easier or you are trying to ramp up fat loss, increase the amount of time you perform the intervals.

2. Steady State Cardio: This is what you most typically see at the gym. However, this does not mean you have a pass to check out CNN for an hour. If you are going to do steady state cardio do it early in the morning, on an empty stomach if possible. Really focus on getting your heart beating the whole time you are doing it. An easy way to do that is bump up the MPH on the treadmill to a pace where you are walking briskly. Once that has been established raise the incline slightly so that you are really forcing your lower body to do some serious work. Imagine yourself walking up a hill. Do this for 30 minuets to an hour or more depending on how your fat loss has progressed.

3. Hill Sprinting: OK, for some of you this might take getting used to. There is no better way to break up the monotony of cardio than to do some hill sprints. They are hard, they will get you shredded and you will get in shape. Find a hill with a decent incline, sprint up, and walk down. Trust me, you will be feeling them after the first two or three sprints.

Jim Smith, CSCS is a highly sought after lecturer, author and renowned strength coach. Jim is an expert for Men’s Fitness and a member of the Elite Fitness Q/A staff. He speaks regularly at clinics, conferences and seminars about the Diesel Method. His distinctive and comprehensive training approach has helped athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels attain their goals and "Achieve Beyond Potential". Jim is an active student of strength athletics and is always seeking new ways to innovate and provide a unique perspective for gaining muscle, rehabbing injuries, improving performance and building better athletics.

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