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By Jim Smith, CSCS

Build Muscle Quick with This Explosive Technique Plus 2 Workouts

how to build muscle quickly

I first heard about this innovative muscle building strategy when Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about doing in during his reign as Mr. Olympia. It is called "Running the Rack". It can be used for each exercise in your workout OR as a finisher to your normal workout.

This techniques refers to a high volume set where you pick a weight and perform as many reps as you can for a certain exercise. Then when you can't do any more reps, you pick a lighter weight and continue performing reps of the same exercise. As you fatigue, you lower the weight and repeat.

The reason it is called "Running the Rack" is, if the exercise you're doing involves dumbbells you will be moving down the rack picking lighter weights as you fatigue.

This form of density training improves work capacity, increases lactic acid which releases natural growth hormone. This in turn, builds muscle quickly.

Sample Exercise 1: Bicep Curls

Perform dumbbell bicep curls.

60 lb dbs - 3 rep, no rest, immediately go to
50 lb dbs - 4 reps, no rest, immediately go to
45 lb dbs - 5 reps, no rest, immediately go to
40 lb dbs - 6 reps, no rest, immediately go to
35 lb dbs - 7 reps, no rest, immediately go to
30 lb dbs - 8 reps, no rest

You could also reverse the order and start light, with higher reps and as you increase the weight, you decrease the reps. Again, little or no rest between weight changes.

Sample Exercise 2: Lat Pull Downs

Perform lat pull downs with a cable stack.

The stack - 1 rep
The stack minus 10 lbs - 2 reps
The stack minus 20 lbs - 3 reps
The stack minus 30 lbs - 4 reps
The stack minus 40 lbs - 5 reps
The stack minus 50 lbs - 6 reps
The stack minus 60 lbs - 7 reps
The stack minus 70 lbs - 8 reps

This technique can also be done with the following exercises:

KB Swings
DB Clean & Press
or whatever you favorite exercise is…

Jim Smith, CSCS is a highly sought after lecturer, author and renowned strength coach. Jim is an expert for Men’s Fitness and a member of the Elite Fitness Q/A staff. He speaks regularly at clinics, conferences and seminars about the Diesel Method. His distinctive and comprehensive training approach has helped athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels attain their goals and "Achieve Beyond Potential". Jim is an active student of strength athletics and is always seeking new ways to innovate and provide a unique perspective for gaining muscle, rehabbing injuries, improving performance and building better athletics.

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